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Sounds of the Wild: Nighttime
by Maurice Pledger

c.2007, Silver Dolphin
16 pages, batteries included

Sounds of the Wild - Nighttime

Sometimes, when it’s time to go to bed and the lights are out, it’s easy to be scared by noises that you don’t understand.
You hear a thunk and you want to call Mom. Or a scratch-scratch-scratch and you holler for Dad. Is there something outside your bedroom window?

In the new book “Sounds of the Wild: Nighttime” by Maurice Pledger, you’ll see that there are creatures out there, but they’re not one bit scary. What’s out there is actually pretty wild.

Just about the time the sun goes down, so do your shades.  It’s time for you to go to bed, but in the forest, the owls are just waking up. It’s dinner time for the owl, and when he sees a tiny mouse scurrying around the field, he swoops down low. Moths and birds share the skies with the owl, and red foxes and badgers share the fields and woods with the mouse. As soon as you close your eyes and are quiet, the forest becomes very, very noisy!

But the forest isn’t the only place that’s busy. Around town, bats fly high above everyone’s head. They, too, spot mice but those furry little guys are cousins to the field mouse who lives near the forest.  Beetles and moths explore the city at night and if you listen hard, crickets and cicadas will sing you to sleep.

In the mountains, quiet deer slip through wooded hills as coyotes howl their messages to one another. It sounds spooky, but it’s just their way of talking. Snails slip silently on mushrooms and owls peek through the trees as wide-awake raccoons look for berries.  Did the mouse get them all?

If you live near the water, you might hear the rrribbit of frogs or gators growling as you fall asleep. But on the other side of the world, children who live near the jungle know it’s time to get up when they hear a roaring tiger or a crowing jungle bird.

But you… you’re asleep tight in your bed, safe with the sounds of nighttime on the outside of your window.

You know how frustrating it is to find a book you like, but your child doesn’t?  You won’t have that problem here at all.

Kids will love “Sounds of the Wild: Nighttime” because of the first word in the title: the sounds of wildlife greet you as you open about every other page in this well-done, very colorful pop-up book.  And before you blanch at buying a book your kids will quickly outgrow, check out the pages in between the sound effects. For older children, there’s an explanation of the wildlife included, as well as a basic overview of the habitat in which they live. This makes for a book that will thrill a toddler while it fascinates an older grade-schooler.

Add a door for replaceable batteries, and you’ve got a book that won’t spend much time on the bookshelf. For kids ages 4 to about 10, “Sounds of the Wild: Nighttime” is great for any time.

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