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PLEASE share with us your tips, anecdotes, stories and your experiences with your animal companions and Nature, in general.
What has your dog done lately that has made you laugh?
What has your cat done that has made you wonder?
What about your rabbit, your fish and your ferret?
What has your parrot done or said that has turned your head?
In addition to astounding findings, we want to read of the warm and fuzzy moments when your companions have reflected total unconditional love. 

Have you found novel strategies for solving behavioral problems? If so, a step-by-step description of your solution may help somebody else. 

Have you discovered solutions to any problems in your backyard that may help others?

Some of the stories will be added to this site. Others may be chosen for future issues of Nature's Corner® Magazine. 

We continue to welcome the classical MEETS that our African Grey pet humans have been submitting. In a short bio of 100 words or less, tell us about your animal companions. How old are they? What do they like to eat? What do they like to do? Did they do something fascinating, comical or loving that you want to share with us? Please include a clear, sharp picture of your companion. 

FREE prizes: When you submit a document or picture, your name automatically gets added to our drawing pool for a FREE mini key chain digital camera! We will be pulling a name from the list every two weeks for the remainder of 2005. We accept ONE entry per household. 

  1. Make SURE we know it is from you! Clearly mark the document with your name, address, daytime phone number, animal companion(S) name and birth date.
  2. We want to include news from as many people as possible, so PLEASE keep the document at 500-900 words or less. Do NOT worry about the editing. That's OUR job! As a matter of fact, sometimes only excerpts from your original document may be included in the magazine. 
  3. Please include a SASE if you want any of the documents to be returned. And please have patience. It may be a while before we are able to publish on the site or in the magazine.
  4. Mail your documents to:

    Tewillager Publishing
    13835 N. Tatum Boulevard, Ste 9-609
    Phoenix, AZ 85032

Make sure any photos are CLEAR and CRISP. Send them as either sharp, clear photos or on a CD in a 300 DPI resolution, so that we can make them as beautiful as possible in print.

You may also email your stories to us, but we ask that the photos be sent at high resolution, either in picture form or on a CD. Please do NOT send high res photos by email. Email to Documents must be sent as attachments in WORD or JPEG's.

If we accept an article for publication on the website or in the magazine, Tewillager Publishing and its parent Equatorial Group, Ltd, reserve exclusive rights to the work for one year from the date the work is published. After the first year, all rights revert back to the author. However, after the first year, Tewillager/Equatorial reserve the non-exclusive right to continue publication of the manuscript for the Nature’s Corner® website and magazine (as back issues are sold), if appropriate. Tewillager Publishing requests that when a manuscript is reprinted in another publication, that you include “First published by Nature's Corner® Magazine” at the end of the article. In turn, authors will be given three free copies of the issue in which the article is published.

We reserve the right to publish all materials sent to us, including letters. All articles will be edited to adhere to style and space requirements. In some instances, only parts of articles may be published. We do not guarantee that all photos and articles will be published.

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