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Dog Saves Baby

Dogs are known for their kindness to humans, but one dog in Kenya went above and beyond the behavior that is normally expected from “man’s best friend.”

In May of 2005, the crying of a human baby became the clarion call that saved both the life of the baby and perhaps the life of an amazing dog. Two children, living in a poor forest compound in Nairobi, Kenya, heard the sound of a crying baby near their wooden shack. The elders they alerted located the source of the cries, and saw something beyond belief.

They found a baby in a plastic sack, a baby that had been abandoned by her human mother and rescued by a stray canine mother. The dog apparently found the baby while foraging for food near the Ngong Forest of Nairobi. The dog had carried the baby across a busy road and through a barbwire fence, to bring her where she was sheltering with the litter of another stray dog. The baby was found lying next to the nursing mother, along with her own pup.

The baby was taken to Kenyetta Hospital, and after being treated, began to recover. It is estimated that she had been abandoned for two days before the dog found her. After news about this miraculous rescue hit the papers, offers to adopt the baby poured into the hospital. The publicity also gave the baby a name—Angel.

The publicity also brought a new home and a new name to the dog that saved the baby—Mkombozi or Saviour. Celebrity status was a bit daunting to Saviour. “She wasn’t too happy when we all poured into the compound,” said Jean Gilchrist of the Kenya Society for the Protection and Care of Animals. “But kids in the compound brought her back for the bath as she was full of ticks.”

After rescuing the baby Angel, Saviour’s own puppy died. Gilchrist stated that Saviour looked a bit depressed, so they examined her to see if she had a temperature or any other problems.

Saviour may never know the real good she did for the baby named Angel. She probably doesn’t realize the sensational nature of her act of kindness. Saviour simply did what most mothers would naturally feel inclined to do—save the life of an infant. But by her very act she brought awareness to Nairobi and the world at large, that animals have the same sense of kindness we often only attribute to ourselves.

And thankfully, that act of kindness had the wonderful result of a new home and new life for both Angel and her Saviour. We wish them well.

Source: Independent Daily Nation-Cape Times-Sapa-AP

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