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Lost Animal Referral List

Animal Communicators, Search & Rescue, and Web Resources

This list is based on one compiled by Morgine Jurdan – updated by Penelope Smith July 2009

If your animal is lost and you want to contact an animal communicator for help, try people from this list.  It also lists other referral sites below:

Annette Betcher
Port Orchard, WA (360) 871-4774

Hilary Renaissance
WA (206) 782-7815

Morgine Jurdan
WA (360) 247-7284

Karen Berke
Novato, CA (415) 897-4011

Suzi Dalling
Ventura, CA (805) 512-1720

Dexter del Monte
Los Angeles, CA (323) 953-5923

Carol Gurney
Southern CA (818) 597-1154

Carol Robinson
Corte Madera, CA (415) 924-9094

Sue Hopple
Monument, CO (719) 481-3917

Carol Vaughan
CO (303) 338-1975 or

Heidi Grengg
WY (307) 733-8499

Karla McCoy
Washington, IL (309) 444-1514

Carol Schultz
Plainfield, IL (815) 254-8325

Rebecca Moravec
WI (262) 877-8542

Jacqueline Smith
OH (614) 436-8831

Whitney Taylor
PA (717)-372-0441

Gayle Nastasi

Elaine DeCarlo
Norwalk, CT (203) 722-7075

Nedda Wittels
Simsbury, CT (860)-651-5771

Diane Samsel
Tryon, NC (843) 884-7443

Judi Byers
SC (803) 278-1002

Tim Link
Cumming, GA (404) 422-6355

Keri Davis
Alberta, Canada (403) 609-5510

Additional Help (Note: no personal recommendations or experience; this is a list of services for listing and locating lost animals with many free web resources; some even personally contact your neighbors for you.)

Harry Oakes Jr., Lost Animal Search and Rescue (and people) P.O. Box #1472, Longview, Washington 98632  (503) 705-0258 Outside Oregon  (360) 414-8093; 

Melodie Pugh, Pet Detective (licensed and bonded) 360-373-4218

American Society of Dowsers, Inc. 800-711-9530

Kat Albrecht, Pet Hunters International, P.O. Box 476, Clovis, CA 93613

Carl Washington, Pet Detective, 1006 Hunters Glen, Hephzibah, GA 30815; Georgia # 706-792-1854 Office # 706-796-8126 Virginia # 703-960-9596 Cell Phone: 706-339-2418;

Lost Animal Web Resource List

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