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Is your Cat Litter Safe?

All Cat Owners Should Read This Article before Ever Making another Purchase

By April Hall

Compared to most pets, aside from goldfish and hermit crabs, cats require less care. Any cat owner knows that cats have minds of their own. They don't require the attention or maintenance of dogs, which need regular walking, bathing, and a rambunctious game of catch every so often. On a daily basis cat owners really only have to think about two things: making sure your cat is fed and the litter box is clean. It seems simple, but you need to make sure that the cat litter you're using is safe for your cat and your family. Inside your current litter, harmful toxins may be lurking.

Keeping your Feline Safe

Many cat owners and veterinarians are questioning the safety of traditional clumping clay litters. The binding agent used in clumping clay litters is Sodium Betonite, a substance that is used to bind waste so that it can be scooped out and removed. Some experts believe that traditional clumping litter may be fatal to cats, particularly kittens. The properties used in many clumping clay litters can wreak havoc on a cat's digestive and respiratory systems. When clumping clay gets wet, it does what it was designed to do; it clumps into an insoluble mass. Now imagine what would happen if your cat were to ingest the material.

Your cat may be ingesting more of the litter than you think. When your cat kicks in the litter box after defecating, particles of dust cover its paws and underside. Later when the cat cleans itself, it ingests all that potentially harmful material. If you have other pets around the home you should be extra careful. Some dogs tend to nibble on the contents of the litter box. If you're using an all-natural litter you'll have nothing to worry about other than grossing-out your house guests.

The dust itself can also be harmful to some cats. If your cat suffers from allergies or asthma it's important to use a litter that is all-natural and is proven to have low-dust levels. According to the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), feline asthma is a chronic inflammatory respiratory disease. When cats breathe in the dust given off by some litters, it can initiate symptoms in asthmatic cats.

Keeping your Family Safe

Have you ever noticed that plume of dust when you pour your cat litter into the box?

If so, you're not using the right litter. All that dust is going straight from the bag into your home and your lungs. Like with cats, this dust is especially harmful for people who are prone to asthma.

The chemicals and additives used to scent some cat litters can also me harmful. As we begin to search for more organic, all-natural foods, we also need to be looking for natural home products. The harsh perfume smell of some cat litters is doing nothing more than covering up odors. Instead, search for a litter made out of all-natural materials such as pine. Pine naturally neutralizes odor, instead of masking it with chemicals.

The Solution

Find an all-natural pet product manufacturer that has a good reputation and keep in mind, you no longer have to sacrifice convenience for health. Pet litter manufacturers, such as Nature's Earth Feline Pine, are creating products that are healthy as well as easy to use. Pine products make great cat litter and are highly recommended for their ability to neutralize the ammonia odor of cat urine. When recycled pine is compressed into a pellet, it's highly absorbent, making it easier to clean and healthier for your home.

If you're looking for a clumping litter, there are now even pine based litters that clump safely. Instead of using harmful substances, guar is used as a clumping agent. Guar is a natural substance which is used as a stabilizer in ice cream, cheese and gum.

Even though the verdict is still out as to how harmful clay litters are, many cat owners, vets and shelters are opting to play it safe. You can rest easy knowing that by using an all-natural cat litter, such as pine, you're protecting your pet and your family.

April Hall is a Marketing Assistant at Nature's Earth Products. Nature's Earth is a provider of alternative pet products:


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