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All Animals Know God

By Laura J. Parkman

There are many books available on the subject of communicating with animals. My secretary got 412 results, just from Some of the books talk about understanding the body language of animals. Others discuss psychic connections with animals. Obviously, someone is interested in talking with them. But, why? What can we gain from communication with animals? 

In the 1990ís I realized that I had a psychic connection with animals. I can hear their thoughts in my mind and respond back to them in the same way. I learned this through a dog named Sunrise. He had a mission for Jesus. He talked of it often and learned all that he could to prepare for his mission. He left me when he was ready, and I still miss him very much. 

I believe that somewhere out there, Sunrise is fighting on Godís side. Maybe he is teaching someone else, as he taught me. Maybe he is protecting the innocent from evil influences or bad decisions. I do know that Sunrise opened a door for me. I would like to share some of the things that I have learned from Sunrise and other animals:

All animals know God. They donít question HIS existence or argue HIS methods. They donít feel the need to improve or change what God has already made perfect. They know God without thinking about it or trying to explain it. They simply know and accept.

Animals are Godís servants and messengers. They know that they have a purpose and they donít ask Ďwhy meí or Ďcan I do it later?í They just follow their hearts. Their hearts are open to the influence of God.

All animals know love. Animals are loyal, forgiving, empathic and loving. They can sense our emotional states and respond. They understand that the tempers and reactions of humans arenít about them. They come back for love and to give affection and comfort, time after time, when we have treated them badly or ignored them. They are generous and kind without wondering if they will be rewarded for it. They donít wait for someone to be kind first. 

Animals are present in each moment. They live each moment as if there is nothing else. They recognize the beauty of life and this Earth. They never forget the wonder of everything around them. All too often, we humans get caught up in our day-to-day tasks and ďwhat will happen tomorrow.Ē We completely miss today. How often do we find ourselves going through life in a state of numbness? Or how often do we wake up and realize that weíve been doing whatever we were doing with no awareness at all. Animals get through their daily activities, but they do not lose Ďtodayí in the process. They can focus on their goals and still enjoy the journey.

Animals know people. They see into the souls of people. They donít care about how you look or what you do. They see you as you really are at the core and they accept you. They know that we ALL are creations of God and therefore, worthy of love and attention. They donít care if you say something stupid or if you make a mistake. They realize that we are all perfect because God made us. Whatever flaws we may have are only judged as flaws through our cultural perceptions. Animals know that we are here to learn, grow and enjoy the journey.

Animals know themselves. They are true to themselves, no matter what. They donít base their actions on what someone else may think. They are guided by love and they follow that instinct without question. They know their bodies. When they are tired, they rest. When they are hungry, they eat. When they are restless, they exercise.

Animals know their place in Nature. They revere the order of the Universe. If they need to eat, they eat what they were created to eat. They protect what they need to protect and leave the rest alone. They donít tear up all of the trees that they live in Ö.or poison streams because they want a greater yield. They donít pollute the air because they must do everything faster. They live in harmony with all other life, just as God meant them to.

I learned all of these lessons through my gift of talking with animals. I believe that anyone can open this gift within themselves. I cannot give any how-to advice because I donít know how I opened the space. It was just there. Somewhere in my heart I was willing to believe that it could be possible. However, I donít think one has to open that psychic connection in order to understand the lessons that animals have to teach us. Just watch them closely. They will speak to you, one way or another.

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