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Kangaroo Saves Boy

Lulu is a lovely kangaroo, a sweet, doe-eyed marsupial lady who has always been much loved by her human family, the Richards. And in showing her love for them, she has become the first kangaroo ever to receive an award for bravery.

Lulu lives with the Leonard Richards family on a farm located a short distance from Melbourne, Australia. Although Lulu was always considered a part of the family, she’s now become a hero to them as well.

After a bad storm last September, Leonard Richards went out to check for damage to his property.
A half an hour had passed when Leonard’s wife, Lynn, heard Lulu making a huge commotion from one of their paddocks, and Lynn knew something was definitely wrong.

“I heard Lulu, she has this bark, and it’s a very loud bark that she gives out,” said Lynn. Lulu’s abnormal behavior alerted Lynn that something was amiss. “I just looked down and I [saw] her at the paddock…and said, ‘Len’s down there.’ “

Lynn and her nephew Brendon hurried down to the paddock and found Lulu standing over Leonard, with her hind legs at his back. Leonard had apparently been knocked unconscious by a falling branch, and had been lying there for about 30 minutes. He was taken by helicopter to a Melbourne hospital and is now fully recovered.

After his nephew told him how Lulu had been guarding him with her legs bracing his back, Leonard says that Lulu “looked like she’d rolled me over on my side to keep my airway clear, but we’ll never know for sure.”

Lulu has received the RSPCA’s Australian Animal Valour Award for her efforts in saving Leonard’s life. She is the first marsupial to receive a bravery award. Previously, awards of this nature have been given to dogs.

The RSPCA award was created to recognize animals that exhibit exceptional courage in the face of danger. It’s obvious to all, including the Richards, that Lulu not only displayed an exceptional example of courage, but also an exceptional example of love.

Source – Associated Press, Reuters, BBC

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