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A Feathered Tattletale

Centuries ago in China, parrots were kept as pets in the women’s quarters. The ancient Chinese believed that one had to be careful of what one said because the parrots would repeat secret conversations.

Apparently, what was true in old China is equally true in modern Britain. Parrots are still telling tales and causing a ruckus!

An African Grey parrot was responsible for the recent breakup of a British couple from Leeds. Chris Taylor had been living with his girl friend, Suzy Collins for about a year. Also sharing their apartment was Ziggy, Chris’s African Grey parrot.

Chris began to realize that something was not quite right when Ziggy began to say, “Hiya Gary” whenever Suzy answered her cell phone. Chris became even more suspicious when Ziggy made kissing sounds whenever the name Gary was said on TV.

The clincher came one night when Chris began to cuddle Suzy on the couch and Ziggy blurted out, “I love you Gary.”

Chris confronted Suzy with his suspicions, and she finally admitted to an affair with an ex-coworker named Gary. They had been meeting for a few months in the Leeds apartment she shared with Chris…and Ziggy. Thanks to Ziggy, Suzy and Chris have called it quits, and she has moved out.

Chris believes that Ziggy was looking out for his best interests but Ziggy might have had an ulterior motive. Ziggy never really took to Suzy, nor was she very fond of him.

Whether a parrot is from ancient times or the modern era, it’s obvious that things have not changed much in their nature…or in human nature!

Source – BBC News, The Times

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