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Lessons from a Cottonwood Tree: 
Surviving the Autumn

By Ronni Ann Hall

I am sitting under an umbrella-like Cottonwood tree that shades me from the mid-day sun. As I write, a few ants tickle my arm, and stray crinkled leaves fall gently into my lap. I am sad and disheartened. I’m in the awkward state where I’ve outgrown so much and nothing seems to fit, not even my favorite blue jeans bulging at my midsection. The old is dying in my life, but the new has yet to arrive. I could get caught up in my self-pity and feel awful, but right now I can’t. There’s no space or quiet to do so--- I’m at a public park and there’s a pick-up truck playing a Mexican serenade so loudly, I can sing along.

As another fallen leaf touches my hair, I hear Nature whisper into my ear, “It’s only autumn, Ronni. There’s always spring.”

How do I survive the autumn, I ask? I have a friend who has recently lost her beloved canine companion, and she’s about to lose another soon to illness. I have been in that place before. Loss after loss, your body contracts, and nothing can penetrate the tight wall, even the positive. You brace yourself for more loss, more attacks, and the Universe is no longer the inviting place to live in. You lose trust in the seasons.

As I sit under this tree surrounded by grass spotted with dying leaves, I wonder why Nature has such ease with the birth/death and rebirth cycle. The cycle is flowing: a continuous circle. I ask my Fairy guides for advice on how to deal with my autumn.

They answer, “Watch how one plant grows and sheds off what is not growing and what it does not need. This shedding makes the plant healthier. There is not sadness, only casting off what does not grow.”

“Work with yellow energy--- yellow plants and flowers--- to re-grow and regenerate your life. Most importantly, work with one that is for hope and trust that there WILL be new life. Try Daylily. Sit with a Daylily flower or take the essence. The essence of Daylily is like the sun. It knows the death and rebirth cycle well. The flower blooms only for a day and then dies, only to be reborn the next morning.” 

“Also work with Sagebrush flower essence to cast off the old identity that doesn’t work. As you take a few drops of the essence, focus on ridding yourself of what roles you have outgrown.” 

I like what the Fairies said. The lesson the very tree I was under was teaching me:

“There is no greater role model than to look to the trees. They stand strong and proud, can lose all of their leaves and even their branches, yet the soul of the tree is still standing. You have not lost you, only the outer pieces----the masks that you wear, the passing roles--- you are still standing.”

Copyright ©2005-6 Ronni Ann Hall

Ronni Ann Hall is an Animal Communicator and Fairy Communication expert. She talks with the Fairy Kingdom and shares what she has learned. She teaches workshops to help others learn to communicate with the Fairy and Angelic realms. Ronni is also an illustrator for children’s books and animal portraits. 

Click here to see her web site:

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