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Bad Kitty Gets a Bath
by Nick Bruel

c.2008, Roaring Brook Press
$13.95 / $15.50 Canada
128 pages

Bad Kitty Gets a Bath

Letís say itís Sunday and youíve had a great weekend.

You spent time outside, maybe riding your bike or running around in the yard. You did a few things for Mom, helped Dad with his chores, played some games, maybe even went to the mall or visited Grandma.
But now it’s Sunday night, and you know what that means.
Ugh, a bath. But guess what? As much as you hate taking baths, it could be worse: you could be a cat.

Just remember this, and say it often: Cats HATE baths.

You’ll need to know that when you read “Bad Kitty Gets a Bath” by Nick Bruel, because if you don’t memorize it now, you’ll wish you had when you get kitty in the tub.

Even if you don’t have a cat at home, you know what cats do. They lick, lick, lickety their paws and their legs and their tails and they give themselves a bath with their tongues. As much as you wish you could do that for yourself, it’s probably not a good idea.

But let’s say that Kitty gets into something really dirty and smelly.  In that case, you’re going to want to have plenty of bandages around and a doctor on hand. You might want a suit of armor and clean underwear. An ambulance isn’t a bad idea, either, because you’ll have to (Uh oh!) give Kitty a bath.

It’s not that cats hate water. Some cats like it. Tigers are great swimmers, even. But cats hate getting wet unless they’re in charge of the whole thing.

And in this case, you’re in charge. Good luck.

First, you’ll have to find Kitty and catch her.  Get her in the bathroom and close the door. Make sure the water is warm – not hot – and put Kitty in the water. With a wet washcloth, carefully soak her fur and get her clean. Gently fluff her with a towel and let her go because she may want to lick, lick, lickety again for good measure.  Then just hope that Kitty forgives you sooner or later and never gets into anything smelly again because cats really HATE baths.

Doesn’t every kid go through a phase where everything somehow gets dunked in a tub, sink, or toilet?  Better hope they’re past that before you give them “Bad Kitty Gets a Bath”.

Kids who love cats are going to love this book, not just because of the illustrations but also because author Nick Bruel (who also penned “Bad Kitty” a few years ago) writes at the perfect kid-level. He knows what children like, and he showers lots of that in his book. He sprinkles in a few things for grown-ups to soak up, then he dumps in a capful of facts that kids will enjoy knowing. The result is a book that will make readers bubble with giggles.

If your 7-to-10-year-old adores cats and silly stories and understands that cats HATE baths, then look for this cute-as-a-kitten book. “Bad Kitty Gets a Bath” is a tubful of fun.

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