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“Once one becomes attached to a companion animal, especially an incredibly sensitive and intelligent animal like an African Grey parrot, one begins to wonder how intelligent the rest of Nature must be. Our animal companions can provide that doorway into viewing Nature from a new perspective.”
Margaret T. Wright
Publisher, Nature's Corner® Magazine

Equatorial Group, Ltd. is the parent company of Tewillager Publishing and its new magazine, Nature's Corner® . The Equatorial Group (EG) is dedicated to helping us all reconnect with our beautiful Mother Earth and her animal children. It was founded in the early 1990's By Margaret T. Wright (Maggie). 

After a decade plus of educating African Grey owners (pet humans) how to care for their feathered companions, the original Grey Play Round Table® African Grey magazine was restaged into Nature's Corner® magazine. It is our intent to make it become a major platform for teaching the world about the intelligence and sentience of ALL of the critters who share our homes and Space on Earth. Nature's Corner® is “For the Animals & Nature.” ENJOY!!!

Equatorial Group, Ltd.
13835 N. Tatum Boulevard, Ste 9-609
Phoenix, AZ 85032 

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