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October 31, 2006

Blog for your Pet.. and help some good causes!

PetBoogaloo is about fun,
while at the same time promoting animal and environmental causes.


Rita Wilhelm, friend of Natures Corner Magazine and Founder of PetBoogaloo shares information about her site with our readers.

PetBoogaloo is a fun place for pet lovers to get together. At PetBoogaloo, you can create
a homepage and a blog for your pet. You can write about all the interesting things
your pet is doing. Everything on the site is free. You'll get a kick out of reading
some of the pet blogs in the community part of the site.


PetBoogaloo is a cause-based site, focused on animal and environmental issues.
They have nine very cute cartoon characters, each with their own story, personality,
and cause that they represent. The approach to these causes is meant to be done
in positive way, that starts by educating children. You can read about their
cause-based characters here.

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November 18, 2005

Horse and Pet Expo!

Horse and Pet Expo Our Pet Expos are designed to educate and entertain the public about the wonderful world of pets. They are family oriented events featuring many educational demonstrations and seminars, hands-on-petting opportunities, special attractions, pet adoptions, and entertaining exhibits.

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November 15, 2005

Long Island Parrot Society


The Long Island Parrot Society of NY, Inc. (LIPS) is a non-profit volunteer group and club for bird lovers. Its purpose is to educate and instruct on the proper care, handling and maintenance of psittaciformes, to encourage companion bird and captive breeding programs, and to encourage research and educational programs about parrots.

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ACCAW- Animal Communicators Coalition for Animal Welfare

ACCAW was organized by Penelope Smith in October of 2005 to provide a central format for Animal Communicators to "gather" for the purpose of prayer, healing, support, as well as hands-on work to help animals in need as well as supporting the communion among all living things.

Participation in ACCAW is open for all people who are communicating with animals intentionally in their lives, not only professionally. Our aim as a not-for-profit coalition is to focus our individual and collective power in united intention to increase communication, balance, compassion, understanding, and communion among all beings.

We work together on projects of concern to us that affect animals and the animal/human connection, covering all levels from the highest spiritual overview and prayer/focused intention to physical action. As individuals we can each focus our energy on the aspect that most draws us and our talents. However, all our concerns from animal rescue in all its forms to overall consciousness of unity of life can be addressed as a communion of beings (animal communicators) who are aware of and educate others regarding interspecies communication. Any member or non-member can offer suggestions for projects and healing requests for our group.

In all our projects, we focus on the wholeness of animals (non-human and human alike), honoring the spirit and life of all beings as One

You may also visit Prayer and Healing Circle Fountain of Energy

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November 11, 2005

Minature Horses, Lead the Blind

Horses have a natural guide instinct, and the following links demonstrate how horses natural instincts allow them to guide both blind people and blind horses.

Nothing is Impossible - The story of a blind rancher and his guide horse
American Profile Magazine, August 2001

Guide Horse aids blind companion
Bucks County Courier Times

Horse to the Rescue!
National Geographic World

Rancher Losing Sight but Keeping Lifestyle
Colorado State Cooperative Extension Program

Deena - The seeing eye horse
Equus Sanctuary

Healing the Head
The Magic of Horses: Horses as Healers

One rescued horse helps another
Turtle Rock Rescue

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November 02, 2005

Help Fight Hunger..Click for Cans.

Play Click for Cans™
Click for Cans is an easy way to help your favorite NFL™ team in Tackling Hunger with Campbell’s® Chunky™ soup and chili!

The competition is heating up.
This year, two NFL teams will earn donations of Campbell’s® soup to the food banks of their choice. How much soup? For the team with the most clicks, we’ll get the stats for all the players on the team’s official roster and donate the team’s total weight in cans! So far, the Green Bay Packers remain the undefeated Click for Cans champs– will they stay on top, or will they get a run for their money this year? It’s up to you!

Don't be discouraged if your team doesn’t get the most clicks. The team that improves the most in the number of clicks from last year will also receive a donation! We’ll donate 2006 cans on behalf of the team that shows the most improvement in the number of clicks from last year.

Just click to fight hunger.

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November 01, 2005

The Elephant Sanctuary


The Elephant Sanctuary The nation's only natural-habitat refuge where sick, old, and needy elephants can walk the Earth in peace and dignity. The 800 acre sanctuary in Hohenwald, Tennessee has a newsletter and provides education about these endangered Asian elephants.

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October 27, 2005

National Aviary-Tom Pawlesh

It's a small internet really. It's another way, our world gets smaller, as we build online Communities.

This morning in my Email.. a Friend sent me a link..
The National Aviary in Pittsburgh, PA

Oh! 600 Birds..! As I clicked over to the Picture area of the site.. I see a name.. Tom Pawlesh.. hmm that sounds VERY familiar. Tom is a well known nature Photographer, and he shot the cover Photo for Nature's Corner Magazines First Issue!

Tom has a Photo Gallery, filled with wonderful shots.. here is the link to the National Aviary Series of Pictures.

Get a hot cup of coffee, sit back and click away! Enjoy.

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October 21, 2005

World Animal Network

World Animal Net is the world's largest network of animal protection societies with consultative status at the UN.
Working to improve the status and welfare of animals with over 2,500 affiliates in more than 100 countries.

World Animal Net Directory
The world's largest database of animal protection societies, with over 15,000 listings and more than 8,000 links to Web Sites.

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October 18, 2005


The vision of Fear-No-More tangibly expresses Avatar Adi Da Samraj's Love and respect for all living beings. A specific purpose of Fear-No-More Zoo is to provide humans with the opportunity to experience and appreciate the spiritually contemplative existence of non-human beings. Fear-No-More Zoo also provides Adi Da with a tangible "focus point" through which He Blesses the entire non-human world.

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Earthfire Institute

Earthfire Institute A non-profit organization dedicated to fostering delight in and appreciation of all living things with the understanding that this is fundamental to their preservation. A refuge for rescued wild animals of many species who act as a bridge to humankind to reconnect with the sacredness of the wild.

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October 11, 2005

Dog Article Heaven!

The Working Dogs Articles Archive features one of the Internet's largest collections of informational, educational, and entertaining articles about sporting and working dogs and their handlers, breeders, and trainers.

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October 06, 2005


Visit People with Pets!

New York Tails A Pet Magazine for the People of New York

Osborne/Jenks Productions, Inc. offers family oriented trade shows by concentrating on the personal events and lifestyles of American Homeowners, Brides-To-Be and Pet Lovers.

Animal Talk
Have you ever wondered if you could communicate with animals?
Is there a way to understand what your dog, cat, horse, and even wild animals are thinking and feeling?
You can tap into the universal language of all species through telepathic communication.

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