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February 22, 2006

HelpLine Herald

In our feature article this week, "Egg-Binding" is discussed
while "Choices" is the title to Comments from Colleen. In Cookies
from Katie, the merits of "Millet: Nutritional or Bird Candy?" is
introduced. Sassy tells "How I Choose the Parents for My Babies" in
Notes from the Nest, while Kathe is cooking up some "Birdy Cookies"
in Birdie Bites.

I have removed the password for this issue. Just go here to see the
February 19 issue:

Please read the article entitled "The Helpline Herald Suspends
Publication" on the front page. Although I have returned to school
and can no longer put out a weekly publication, it is possible that
we may have monthly articles or picture contests that we wish for you
to judge. If you wish to remain on this subscription group for
something of this nature, I will send out notices when we do
something. But if you feel it necessary to unsubscribe, I fully

Thanks so much for all your help and participation this past year,
Angi Smith,

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January 25, 2006

This Weeks HelpLine Herald

"Preparing for Disasters and Emergencies" is our feature this week,
along with a link to get Pet Rescue Alert Stickers for your home.
In Comments from Colleen, she discusses "Preparations" regarding an
upcoming trip.
Cookies from Katie informs all bird owners about the specifics of
understanding "Poopology."
Bo's Pick this week was Miss Ellie, a 15-year-old Congo African
In Notes from the Nest, Sassy gives a convincing argument
in "Freedom to Fly."
The featured recipe in Birdie Bites this week is "Sweet Potato

At the end of the newsletter is a special poll regarding the
archives. Please take a minute to respond.
User ID and Password: stickers

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January 13, 2006

Helpine Herald

Here's the link to our new site: Helpline Herald
This week's UserID and Password is: avianvet
Be sure to enter it in both fields.

Our feature article is: "How to Find An Avian Vet".
In Comments From Colleen, she has "Parrotlets Visiting", while
Cookies From Katie focues on "Signs of Illness". Katie This Week was
eating "Sprouts".
Bo's Pick was "Pip and Squeak, The Parrotlets" and Notes from the Nest
discussed "What Happens When You Lose Heat".
In Birdie Bites, Kathe cooks up "Beans, Pasta, Rice, and Veggie Dish".

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January 11, 2006

HelpLine Herald

HelpLine Herald
User ID: quilt
Password: quilt

PLEASE make sure you refresh your browser from last week or you will
see last week's pages. And some of Katie's members mistakenly thought
the password started with the letter "g" instead of "q". If you have
any trouble at all, please email me at I will
be at the computer until approx. 10pm Central time and again most of
the day tomorrow.

All of our regular columnists are back at work, kicking the new year
off to a great start:
Feature Article: Birds of a Feather Quilt & PDD
Photo of the Week
Comments from Colleen: Don't Hate Me Because I'm Spoiled
Bo's Pick: Angel the Cockatoo (*Hankie Warning)
In the Nursey: Baby Pictures
Notes from the Nest: Every Clutch Is Different
New Transport Group Forms
Birdie Bites: Rainforest Muffins (Kathe DuBois officially becomes our
recipe columnist after unofficially doing the job for months.)
Katie's Queendom forms as a new Yahoo group to receive future chapter

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January 09, 2006

The Helpline Herald

With the new year came a big change for The Helpline Herald. The
biggest change was a change in the web hosting service. What does
this mean to you? First, it means that instead of a link to click on
each week, you can now go to The Helpline Herald's web page. You will
get a new ID and password each week. You will put the same word in
each entry field, but the ID and password will change each week. You
will still have to come here to get your ID and password!

The other big change that I am concerned will affect everybody is
that I am concerned that Geocities (the old web host) will not keep
the old pages in the archives since I will not be paying their
monthly fee any more. So if you been thinking about saving anything
that is in the archives, you might want to do so soon.

Now to this issue: it is strictly for fun! I went off the beaten
track and did an "Editor's Choice Awards" issue. Hopefully, this will
be a yearly New Year's Day feature!

Look for all the regular features next week! And don't forget: look
here for your ID and password to get into the site!

You can still share with your bird friends and other bird groups,
just share the password!

the ID and
password for this week is 2006.

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December 26, 2005

Helpline Herald!

HelpLine Herald

This special Christmas issue featured a full-length Christmas tree
bearing ornaments with names of each of Katie's Helpline members.

"Comments from Colleen" highlighted a poem called Santa's Visit,
while Katie shared her Christmas card to all in "Cookies From
Katie." "Katie This Week" was caught wrapping gifts.

Another highlight from Katie's Helpline were pictures from our
first "Secret Ornament Exchange." In "Notes from the Nest," Sassy
tells of Gulley, a very special Christmas baby.

A "Dear Santa" letter from the Proctor Flock concluded our Christmas
issue and brought an end to our holiday festivities at KHL.

Next week's issue of The Helpline Herald will be a special issue of
The Helpline Herald. It will be a year-end issue and will feature our
first "Editor's Choice Awards". Watch for it!

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December 21, 2005

Helpline Herald!

HelpLine Herald This week marked the debut of Katie's Queendom, a very special storybook fantasy collaboration between KHL member Kathe and founder Judie involving all the birdies of Katie's Helpline. Moose the CAG took first place in the photo contest with second place going to Shahmari the African Cape and third to Bria Maria the Green Wing Macaw. "Comments From Colleen" discussed Flighted vs. Clipped, while "Cookies From Katie" explained Santa Claus to young Kendi and "Katie This Week" was spied decorating the Christmas Tree. "Bo's Pick" was Vlad the Nanday Conure, while in "Notes from the Nest," Sassy discussed how something as sensitive as a change in formula can affect a baby chick. "Birdie Bites" featured a special guest submission from Tabbi, the author of "Greysland," called Birdie Fruitcake. Old Man Winter was greeted with an article called "Winter Squash for the Kitchen Impaired." New Friends Sweetie the Greater Sulfur Crested Cockatoo and Freeda the Parakeet were welcomed. Dear Santa letters continued with a special picture of Katie, Li'l Miss Kiwi, and Tux visiting Santa from their Alaskan trip this Summer.

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December 14, 2005

Helpline Herald

Current Issue

Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Our Snowflake Contest Winners
Were Announced With The Help Of Your Votes! And our "Photo of the Week"
contest winners were all adorable this week.
Comments from Colleen discussed "Microban" while Cookies from Katie
advised Bo Peep about how to tell who is the fairest in the land. Katie
This Week was caught preening! Don't miss the link for Katie's mom's
special Christmas card on Page 3.
Bo's Pick was Tiki the Quaker. Another article deals in-depth with the
safety of wreaths and baskets on Page 3.
Sassy's Notes from the Nest on Page 4 discusses her new clutches of
baby Red-Bellieds "Taking Flight", while Kathe dishes up Parrot Candy
in Birdie Bites.
Our birdies continued their crusade of requests from Santa on Pages 5
and 6, while the new feature On The Calendar is continued again this
week on Page 5. If you have information you would like to add to the
calendar, KHL related or not, please email me at
As a matter of fact, any bird news that you have, whether or not it is
related the Katie's Helpline or not, I would appreciate it if you would
submit it to me for consideration in future articles of The Helpline
Herald. We would like to grow and expand and include you all! Come grow
with us in 2006! Share us with your birdie friends and groups!

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December 13, 2005

Helpline Herald

Helpline Herald latest Issue
Our holiday festivities continue at Katie's Helpline as our feature
article "Our Gift To You" highlights the link to our Recipe Book to
share with you all. Enjoy!
Kathe's Jarrett took "Photo of the Week" awards with "Deck the Halls".
Comments from Colleen was "Sometimes You Laugh."
Katie This Week: Sharing a Salad
Cookies from Katie discusses keeping your parrot away from your eyes
and face.
Bo's Pick highlighted Harry the Cockatiel.
And we really, really need your help to judge our SNOWFLAKE CONTEST!
In "Notes from the Nest", I discussed the merits or African Red
Condolences were offered to the family of Gloria Ridgeway of Feeding
Feathers, a treasued member of the avian nutrition community.
Member Lori submitted a wonderfully aromatic Potpourri Simmer that is
birdsafe, and I personally can testify, smells heavenly!
Birdie Bites this week was the festive "Santa Claws Holiday
More letters from Santa this week and "On the Calendar" conclude this

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November 25, 2005

Helpline Herald

The Thanksgiving issue of The Helpline Herald featured special "Katie's
Friends Give Thanks" letters from Katie's members throughout the issue.
Cookies From Katie: Cuttlebone - Good, Necessary? Not Always
Comments From Colleen: Thankful
Dear Santa: Request For Letters
New Friends: Baylee
Notes from the Nest: How To Treat Breeders
Bo's Pick: Amos the Senegal
Rainbow Bridge: Val's Joey
Birdie Bites: Banana Biscotti
On The Calendar...
Parrot Rules
Help Save The Connecticut Quakers

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November 16, 2005

HelpLine Herald

Articles This Week Include:
What Is Pro Grow & Why Is It Beneficial?
Photo of the Week
Cookies From Katie: Why Do Birds Stand On One Leg?
Katie This Week
Comments From Colleen: Ringo
Dear Santa
Bo's Pick: Sunny the Lovebird
New Friends: Skylar the Indian Ringneck and Dali the Blue Crown Conure
Rainbow Bridge
Notes from the Nest: Researching Breeding Specifics of Your Species
Birdie Bites: Chili-Pumpkin Cornbread
Conundrum on Treasure Street (Continued From Last Week)
On The Calendar...

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November 03, 2005

Help Line Herald

Help Line Herald
This week marked The Herald's first three-page issue. Highlight's
Halloween Greetings from Katie's Helpline fids
Comments from Colleen: Charles
Cookies From Katie: Why Hanna Wants to Stay Up Late With Mom
Birdie Bites: Pumpkin Apple Muffins
New Feature: On the Calendar
Notes from the Nest: Choosing Your Species
Katie This Week
New Friends
Helpline Herald's Photo of the Week
Skye's Story
Bo's Pick: Tweety the Cockatiel
Yahoo Group For Bird Items Forms

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October 23, 2005

Helpline Herald

Helpline Herald

"Share Autumn Fun With Us"
Comments from Colleen: "Second-Hand Birds"
Cookies From Katie: Good Luck to Poop on Head?
Katie This Week
Bo's Pick: "Boy the CAG"
Birdie Bites: "Pumpkin Muffins"
The Helpline Herald's 1st "Photo of the Week"
Notes From The Nest: Breeding Considerations
Toy Safety Alert
New Friends

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October 20, 2005

Helpline Herald

It was back-to-basics with the feature article this week: "What Is A Blood Feather?" while Colleen advised new parents regarding keeping "Parrots and Babies." Katie checked into the differences between wild bird food and parrot food and Bo's Pick was "Sophia the Parrotlet." The recipe this week was for "Sweet Potato Puffs" and Sassy Catterton made her debut in "Notes from the Nest." Read the latest issue of Helpline Herald

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October 12, 2005

Helpline Herald

Our feature article this week was very special, "Our Cookie Girl Is
Back." Judie wishes for you all to share the links in the article in
an effort to reach other bird owners who may have similiar problems.
Our new column, "Comments from Colleen" was also about Judie and
Katie, entitled "Love and Patience." There is an article regarding the
Don't Ever Panic class this Saturday evening, and we welcomed
several "New Friends." "Cookies From Katie" answered why Beau's mommy
tries to tape his talking, and "Bo's Pick" was Kamele the African Red
Bellied. Unfortunately, we also said goodbye to three dear flock
members who went over the "Rainbow Bridge." See you next week, and, as
always, please share with your other bird friends and groups!
HelpLine Herald

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