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November 27, 2007

More Pigeon Info, from Maggie Wright

The New York City pigeons are in great need of your support and prayers. There is a movement afoot in the city government to make it illegal to feed a pigeon. Specifically, Democrat Councilman Simcha Felder wants to fine anyone who feeds a pigeon $1000.

Pigeons are descendants of the Rock Dove that lived in cliffs along with the seagulls, gannets, puffins and seals in northern Britain (among other places). They nested in cliff cubby holes to raise their young. Today’s pigeons do well in cities because living in the nooks and crannies of tall city buildings instinctively replicates how their ancestors lived.

Pigeons are not our enemy. Over the years, they have helped humankind by carrying messages across war lines in World War II, as well as carrying blood samples between hospitals and laboratories. Their likeness is used as the image of the Holy Spirit in Christianity today.

Pigeons are gentle, intelligent animals. They have lived peacefully with fellow New Yorkers (and other people in other cities) for eons. They are not overly disease-ridden: there have not been any New Yorker epidemics from them over the years. They are NOT “rats with wings.” They are some of the ONLY remaining nature that New Yorkers have left. They should be treated humanely.

There have been many suggested ideas by more rational people than Mr. Felder, such as pigeon expert Andrew Blechman. The link to his article in the New York Times is below:

For the past few months, I have been infuriated to read about the illegal netting and trapping of pigeons that has been done in New York City by THUGS ……and no one in the city government has seemed to do a thing about it. These birds were either sold for food…..or WORSE! They were sent to “pigeon shoots” to be used as “real pigeons” as opposed to “clay pigeons!” I remember reading about the horrible Pennsylvania pigeon shoots where the birds were released in the air to be shot for target practice. If they were not dead, some of the spectators were known go KICK and STOMP on the wounded birds until they died. AND some of these spectators were children!!!! What are we teaching them???? What is wrong with us????

And now we want to starve them?

If you care about the pigeons, please send a note to Mayor Bloomberg of New York City to resolve this issue with the pigeons in a more humane manner. For more information, you may refer to the links below.


http://peopleforpigeons.blogspot.com/ (People for Pigeons web site)

http://newyorkbirdclub.blogspot.com/ (New York Bird Club BLOG)

Thank you & Blessings,
Maggie Wright
Creator, Nature’s Corner Magazine

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