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April 30, 2007

Pigeon Netting in NYC

~Sue Note: Maggie Wright, noted author and publisher of Natures Corner alerted me today to this story. I have been unable to find a news story about it.. So lets get the word out there!~

There is a business growing in NYC where people are netting pigeons and then selling them for food or pigeon shoots. It is against the law for anyone except the Dept of health to capture birds in NYC. The group is trying to get the DA involved. First, the people need to be photographed and the world needs to know this HORRIBLE thing is going on.

Pigeons are netted in more and more areas. Only in my neighborhood today I saw a warning posted that netters are here. Thank you to whomever posted that.

From the correspondence I have received and being realistic, it will be difficult to stop them, unfortunately. It is a lucrative business and easy pickings.

We need to make an effort and become very vocal about this and let people know what is going on. Most people do not know!!!!

Let people know the following:
1. Netters are netting in Manhattan and in the five boroughs and beyond. It is a big business and very lucrative, all cash with no taxes being filed.

2. It is against the law to remove pigeons from their habitat. Only the Board of Health can remove pigeons or a license is needed from them.

3. Pigeons are being sold to shooting galleries and restaurants. People may be eating pigeon meat as it is being substituted for quail, squab or even chicken.

Please post all over the internet and DO NOT BE SHY. If you posting is removed, post again.

1. Post on all message boards, websites, blogs, groups, etc.....everywhere!!! The more people know the better for the pigeons!!! And you never know who will see it.

2. Make up fliers - simple ones will be fine. Tell people netters are taking pigeons and selling to restaurants. Tell them it is against the law. Put up in your neighborhood and anywhere you happen to be. You can make up ones that are self sticking like labels.

3. Contact government officials. They may not reply, but if enough people contact them, they will begin to take notice. Keep emailing and calling.

Posted by sue at April 30, 2007 09:14 AM